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Running is Life - Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes

I have a family that plays "spinning" to reduce weight as a single exercise to achieve this commendable task. You are right in some respects, in others not. The stationary bike has become in the last decade in an exercise program that attracted thousands of fans waiting to find the panacea of ​​fitness. But like most rabid mind that these practices are put fashion were also losing popularity to find his true place in the set of practices aimed at finding a Comprehensive health.

The passion of "spinning" languished, left the market several specialized gyms in this area and many were the used bikes that ended in the hands of individual fans. However, their continued presence in some gyms. We visited some "gurus" Californians, Japanese, Venezuelan businessmen, in short, all demonstrating the effectiveness of the method to improve the physical fitness of the individual rather then disappeared and these studies began to close.

Are Helpful, But ...

As with other aerobic exercises, these stationary bicycle burns calories, increases blood circulation, improve heart rate and increase the resistance of the individual. But the muscles do not develop to the fullest and are deficient in reducing the proportions of the abdomen. To have comprehensive health benefits for the heart are ideal, provided it is Carefully follow your heart rate, since in every effort, you can overdo it with unpredictable consequences. But for reduced weight, they are not relevant if they are not combined with a good diet and exercise superior.

It may be that you, having a metabolism "accelerated", burn fat and give sufficient to exercise 40 minutes on these bikes, but it will be one of the few exceptions. For all it is essential to add some changes in your daily diet as this exercise, you sweat more copiously, will not cover completely reduce weight gain for their meals.

Bicycles and Musculature

These stationary bike can help tone the muscles, especially the legs. Especially when it rises to, resistance: higher ranks, however the abdomen not receive these benefits. To engage these muscles, so important in the appearance of the individual, it is vital to add weight exercises for arms and chest, which are directly related to the abs. Is that exercise on bicycles is more aerobic than muscular.

Very little activity developed pectorals on the bike, only serve to sustain the weight of the upper body as the rest of the perineum on the bike seat handles. The benefits of exercising the upper body are not obtained or with jogging or running or on the bike.

His face when I want to see in perfect condition must also reflect the exercises performed on the upper body, arms, and chest and if you exercise this pectoral and abdominal .Also upper body accelerates much more to basal metabolism at rest and burn more calories throughout the day.

Combine "spinning" with other routines

It does not mean you should give this a sport that fascinates you as the "spinning", which would suggest that it is combined with other important routines, which sometimes makes it difficult for the little time we have, weights, barbell exercises, universal machine, you choose. But an interesting idea machines are "cross trainers" that involve arms, chest and abs. Simultaneously with eccentric exercises pedaling exercises involving arms, chest and abs without spending additional time is added.

This additional amount of exercises for the whole body, results, will see which will be faster and your body will adapt to this additional amount of exercise above.

To lose weight, you need to do "spinning" a! Least five times a week, two or three times if you just want to maintain physical health. Half an hour daily, constant and decreasing intensity up every few minutes minimum. Few days longer distances, others shorter. Another suggestion to reduce weight quickly, divide the day into two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But "Spinning" is necessary to add other routines. Do not forget.

Shrimp and cholesterol

A frequent question asked by readers is related to the cholesterol content of shrimp and some seafood from the same family. Admittedly, until the salmon, despite its health benefits, contains certain amounts of cholesterol. Moreover, all fish have some amount of this complex alcohol. The suggestion of the experts is that even if you have high levels of blood cholesterol, appropriate and eat shrimp but always In moderation. Our bodies handle substances cholesterol type having shrimp differently than use cholesterol from other sources. In addition, there are good reasons to doubt that is harmful as many people with borderline cholesterol levels regularly eat shrimp but in moderation without serious side effects.

The Eat In moderation means eating no more than 10 medium-sized shrimp, 60 grams each time. This fair amount of shrimp containing more than 100 mg. shrimp cholesterol, which is well below the minimum dose of 300 mg. daily. You can eat them in salads, grilled or fried in some oil, preferably olive oil.

But remember that these substances besides cholesterol, shrimp, like salmon, also contain fatty Omeqa-3 acids that help reduce high levels of cholesterol (HDL) levels, raise good cholesterol (LDL) and reduce level of bad cholesterol. These Omega-3 fatty acids also have the particularity to reduce triglycerides, such as cholesterol, are harmful to the heart.

The net balance of eating shrimp in moderation is more positive than negative. Incidentally, shrimps contains almost no saturated fat, which makes them particularly suitable for dieters.

Do you know your blood pressure?

I am moved to ask this question because the most recent statistics show that more than a third of adults who have reached age 18 have high blood pressure.

This condition is a major risk factor for heart disease, so write down your numbers next time it is taken, or purchase one of these very simple devices for it and have it checked on a regular basis.

To stay in a safe range, find that is below 120/80. To try to stay in the safe range, do 30 minutes of physical activity most days of Week kicks and eat a diet that is low in sodium.